“Our ambition is to drive high performing product technology backed up by scientific evidence, remain true to our values and help protect the public in these present circumstances.”

Steve Rawlings
CEO & Founder

About Chemport

Created in 2008 by founder Steve Rawlings, Chemport was determined to invent a one-piece barrier suit designed to protect against dirty bombs after a series of terrorist attacks during the early 2000s. After two years of extensive research and development a new barrier suit was invented to help save and protect lives. Interest came from many Governmental quarters and NGO’s which resulted in discussion with the UK Government health protection agency for a mask that would achieve viral arrestment.

As a result, Chemport turned its attention to developing products specifically designed to protect against viruses. Tests were carried out at the world renowned UK Government health laboratory at Porton Down with results proving to be 99.93% effective. Results of viral destruction at 77% were achieved within 60 seconds and 90+% within 5 minutes.

Thus, the Chemport V-100 was born. No other design of filter or mask offers this level of protection to the wearer at such an affordable price outside of military NBC masks.

Chemport Today

Chemport are now dedicated to delivering the best in face coverings and filter technology,
safeguarding against viruses and providing the best in anti-virus protection.

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