How does the Chemport V-100 technology protect against viruses?

The Chemport mask is unique in that it relies on three distinct types of barriers and protection. These are;

  1. Viricidal outer fabric
  2. Triboelectric charge filtration system
  3. Mechanical sieving

When combined and conjoined within nine layers we achieve a mask filtration system that has been tested at one of the world’s most leading laboratories for viral arrestment and destruction.

Is the Chemport V-100 mask washable?

The outer fabric which is viricidal has been tested and washed 50 times at 60 degrees. The results even staggered us and came back with a 98% efficiency within a 2-hour period. Our masks are washable and you can find the washing instructions are on the back of the packaging.

How effective really is Chemport V-100?

After over 12 years of research and development, Chemport has finally achieved the most outstanding and most cost-effective solution outside of military usage to protect the general public. The results stand as


99.93% effective against viruses

Proven test of virus destruction;

77% within 60 seconds

90% + within 5 minutes

Why does the Chemport V-100 mask not have a valve?

Due to the brilliance of air permeability of the Chemport V-100 mask, it does not require a valve. A valve is solely for exhaling breath from the wearer who may already be contaminated with the virus, in which case, the close environment or a person could become infected.[8]

What is the lifespan of the Chemport V-100 technology?

The fabric is reusable and machine washable up to 50 washes at 60c. The fabric will still keep its anti-virus properties throughout this duration.

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